About Us

Our company is a blockchain proof of stake validator that specializes in helping investors become validators and start earning universal basic income. We believe that the proof of stake consensus mechanism is the future of decentralized, trustless networks and we want to empower individuals to take part in this exciting new technology.

Our team has extensive experience in the proof of stake space and we are committed to providing our clients with the support and guidance they need to successfully navigate the world of validating and earning universal basic income. Whether you are new to the space or an experienced investor, we can help you achieve your goals and join the growing community of proof of stake validators.

EasyNode.PRO originally started as the validator Slugom Crypto in March 2021. We started validating in March '21 and just going through docs.harmony.one (opens in a new tab) we knew there had to be an easier way for validators to get started with Harmony ONE Protocol. We've since released many tools for Validators and Delegators from multiple blockchains to utilize.

Our Software

Welcome to an introduction to Easy Node Community - Harmony ONE Validators & Vault Operators, Findora FRA Validators, NEWRL Validator, Presearch Node Operator & Software Developers

Easy Node is a longtime Linux house using it as a daily desktop for many years before being a Linux Systems Administrator full time for the last 15+ years.

Our Guides

We first added to the community by producing a living guide to use before/during/after installing the Harmony Validator Software.

After it was created we realized that most of the things you need to know to setup a validator no longer matter once you're online and operational but it's great knowledge to have in your bag when issues arise. Sure, there's certain tasks you'll need to do as an administrator but perhaps we can provide some tools to automate most of those which is why we started making the python application Harmony Validator Toolbox (opens in a new tab) in July '21.

Validator's Toolbox & Easy Node Installer Applications

In early July 2021 we started coding a menu application to help us manage our own nodes. This idea quickly spread to an application that could be used by anyone to manage their Regular Validator Signing Server Node. This guide covers this tool.

Once the idea was proposed we were approached with the idea of making it beginner friendly as well as an option for people who simply need to run a "Full Node" on the Harmony blockchain without signing blocks (developer and application use).

Open Source

Our documentation website and Validator Toolbox applications are all open source. You can make upgrade and submit them as merges on our github repo pages (opens in a new tab).