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What is a Harmony Validator?

You're probably already familiar at this point but Harmony Validators verify each block produced on chain with all of the current transactions. Beyond that there's two ways that people in the Harmony Ecosystem refer to a "Harmony Validator" item:

  • Validator Wallet - A wallet is simply upgraded to become a validator wallet. On the staking portal (opens in a new tab) you see the validator wallet addresses that were registered at creation time.
  • Validator Server Node - The platform you use to create a wallet, create a validator, then later manage your "Harmony Validator Server Node" aka the computer running harmony using your wallet and your bls keys.

New Validator Guide

This section is our original Companion Guide that we created when we first set up our validators to help regular investors become validators.

In the New Validators Companion section of this guide we focus on teaching prospective validators how to prepare, install/run the software, and what to do afterwards. While using our guide along side the Official Harmony $ONE Validator guide (opens in a new tab). You'll want all of this knowledge to help you come election time as only you support yourself as a validator.

This site was created to help anyone become a Harmony Validator and also to help existing Harmony Validator's manage their nodes better and more securly. This guide contains the following main sections:

  • New Validators will want to go through this guide to setup their first server. This will give you the base you need to succeed. Our guide matches up with the official guide to tell you page by page what info to look for.
  • Experienced Validators will want this guide for installing Harmony on a new server via the harmony-toolbox application.
  • Post Install is where both guides converge to cover post installation, notes are added for items that can be run via the validator toolbox management menu and we also explain how to get the information manually or with a script.

Validator Toolbox Guide

This section is our Validator Toolbox Guide and has you covered to help you out with our Installer & Manage Menu application.


New Validators can take a look at our installer, but please, learn how to do it by hand first!

The Easy Node Way

When using our guides or tips you can always assume the following things that aren't really specified in the Harmony Documents. We call this "The Easy Node Way" which helps with organization and security:

  • Setup a user account to run harmony
  • Don't use root or harmony as account names!!!
  • We suggest your username as something like serviceharmony
  • Use a folder in your user home directory to store harmony
  • We suggest /home/serviceharmony/harmony

Validator Support Communities

There is no setup help or support officially provided to validators by the blockchains you are your own help desk. It's always best to fully learn your system before going live on a blockchain. If you do get stuck you can always ask for help in:

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