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Creating A Validator

Creating a Validator

Before you can create a validator on the blockchain you need a fresh wallet to use for your validator account.

Creating a Validator

Here's the example command given in the official guide below. I'll suggest some updates and give an example command in the following steps.


Copy the entire command. Extra white spaces in the command could cause errors.
Name, identity, details, security-contact and website need to be put in double quotes if there are more than one word separated by space (example --name "John the validator").

Our suggestions

You will want to setup your logo for the validator. Here's the Adding A Validator Logo (opens in a new tab) section of the official guide that will get you set up with an identity string. We suggest including the identity string in your create-validator command.

With that in mind, the only extra item we suggest to include is the --identity information. Here's an example with a fake address and information as an example.

Copy the entire command above and edit it yourself. Extra white spaces in the command could cause errors.

Decide on your max-change-rate and max-rate before sending your command. These cannot be modified after you have sent your create validator command, like ever!

Here's all of the options you will customize before sending your create command.

  • validator-addr - Your Validator wallet with 10001+ coins available to delegate at least 10k.
  • amount - Must be at least 10k. Have extra one available for fees. 1 $ONE is enough currently.
  • bls-pubkeys - Your BLS public key
  • name - The name you want listed on the validator staking page
  • identity - Your validator logo string you made earlier
  • details - The details you want on the validator staking page
  • security-contact - Your email address
  • website - Your website or social media account
  • max-change-rate - Maximum you can adjust your rate in a 24 hour period, you can never change this!
  • max-rate - Maximum rate you can charge as a fee on your validator, you can never change this!
  • rate - Your current fee rate
  • max-total-delegation - The max $ONE that can be delegated by one single wallet
  • min-self-delegation - Must be at least 10k, you can leave this at 10k.