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Here's a deep dive into how the toolbox works currently. If you're looking for the installation instrctuions, those are in the official documents here (opens in a new tab).

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The Findora Validator Toolbox (opens in a new tab) is designed to help Findora validators from start to finish - Installation to daily management operations. It has an Installer and Management Menu.

Deep Dive video

We put together a video taking a deeper look into the validator toolbox.


The first time you run ./ on a brand new server or on an existing one for the first time you'll get our installer. Pick your options and go!

See the help menu options anytime with:

./ -h

Our help menu options as of 2/17/2023

Menu Options

We're still filling out the menu options, here's a current shot of the options as of 12/15/2022:

Findora Toolbox Menu Options

1Show 'curl' stats infoShows output of curl 'http://localhost:26657/status', most info will be moved to front page
2Show 'fn' stats infoShows output of fn show, most info will be moved to front page
3Claim Pending FRAClaim your pending rewards
4Transfer FRASend your FRA to another address
5Set Transfer Options MenuA menu to configure your transfer options
6Change Rate or Info MenuA menu to configure your rate or update your validator's info via staker_memo
7Update fn ApplicationPull and update to the latest version of the fn application
8Update Findora ContainerPull latest version, re-create and restart local server container, you may miss blocks
9Run Safety CleanRuns the safety_clean script, wipes database, preserves wallet info, full reset of system
10Update Operating SystemSafely stops your container before running updates, you may miss blocks
11Show system disk infoInfo about hard drive space!
12TMI about your ValidatorA validator info dump, coming soon?
13TMI about your ServerAll of the hardware information on your VPS
888Migrate to this ServerA hidden option, only enabled if you follow the Moving Servers guide.
999Reboot ServerSafely stop your container & reboot your server. You will miss blocks with this option!

Please note, if you launch the toolbox after a reboot we will tell you if your container is down and help you get it back online with the update version script.

Backup Key Files

Using the toolbox will copy all the files you need to backup into the folder ~/findora_backup for safe keeping. Transfer this folder home using an sFTP program or command line utility.

Here's the list of files in ~/findora_backup and where they reside while being used by the application:

- tmp.gen.keypair - This file is the same as your network_node.key file (network being mainnet or testnet)
- config folder - This is a copy of your tendermint/config folder which contains priv_validator_key.json

Future Updates

Better stats

We will be pulling all stats to the front page. Unlike our other toolbox option 1 and 2 are still useful as we'll only be pulling the juicy bits to the front page. We'll leave options 1/2 as is mostly other that some formatting while moving the good stuff forward to always be available.

We will setup the toolbox to auto refresh like our other one does once we have stats pulled forward.

Web frontend

We've got the framework for a web front end built and we will be working on using python/flask to run a local web server you can use to install/manage/migrate your findora validator, stay tuned!